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About Us
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The Tipperary Model Flying Club is a well-established sporting club in the midlands.



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Tipperary Model Flying Club

About Us

The Tipperary Model Flying Club is a well-established sporting club in the midlands. Unlike many other sports, Aero modelling is an all year round sport, with the main flying activity taking place between March and September, during which, many competitions are held throughout the country which culminate in a two day event in September, at Baldonnel Aerdrome, courtesy of the Defence Forces.

During the winter months, weather permitting, club members will head for the bog, equipped with the woolies and gloves to keep their hand in at these difficult manoeuvres or to test fly that model which has taken several months to build.

Speaking of building, this is where we can enjoy our sport with an interesting project in the warmth of our workshop while listening to the wind, rain and all the other bits we get in abundance.

One of the main aims of MACI is the promotion of Aero modelling activities in the country. It also has a strict code of Safe Practice to ensure that Health and Safety is foremost in the minds of all model pilots. As with other aeronautical sports, model pilots are required to pass an oral and flying test which is known as the A Cert before the are allowed to fly unsupervised. For more experienced pilots, the B Cert applies, which permits flying at public displays. The above tests are carried out by MACI appointed examiners. The Tipperary Model Flying Club can assist anyone who may be interested in getting involved in this sport of model planes and helicopters.

There is a huge variation in the type of models we can build and fly. It can be a simple rubber powered model, free flight, control line, aerobatic, scale or helicopter and can vary in size and weight as with full size aircraft. It can be powered by internal combustion engine or can be battery powered. The list goes on. Whatever level a new member wishes to start at, help is at hand.

Before you hop on a bus or drive to that modelling shop you saw advertised, please, contact an experienced club member for advice on the proper equipment to purchase. This can save you considerable expense and frustration which has turned many a prospective aero modeller from pursuing this fascinating and rewarding sport.

Our aim is to encourage the safe flying of model aircraft in a friendly and helpful environment.

Tipperary Model Flying Club
About Us
About Us
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